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One can achieve the superior platform for career and dreams!
The company open employment mechanism and openness and respect for talent, and has attracted a number of top talent from the excellent domestic enterprises. US-decorated home sustained and rapid development, the formation of the continued demand for talent.


The concept of human resources
Employees are our most important partners;


Code of Conduct
Richer capabilities allow our partners;


● Salaries and benefits:
With industry and regional competitive salaries, outstanding talent in the career of this harvest is not only a sense of achievement, as well as the interests of a reasonable return.Currently insurance company staff offers five: the work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, old-age insurance, medical insurance


● Promotion
The company advocates "fair, just and open" competitive environment, sustainable development and strive to make each employee of the United States played home;


● Assess:
The purpose of effective incentive appraisal system to give recognition, by the excellent staff performance, reward and provide long-term career development opportunities, to work side by side, and the pursuit of excellence, sharing of results。

● Train:
The company continued to introduce and personnel training, business skills and management career development。


For the better development of Gaote, athletic, integrity, open US-decorated home, extended an olive branch to the social elites, as long as you have the ability, you have to pursue, joined the Gaote, let us work together to create a new tomorrow; and the best solutions and products to bring social! Gaote Invite you to join!